What We Believe
Our continuing purpose at Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church is to proclaim the gospel
of Jesus Christ by:
  • Growing in God’s Word through worship.
  • Teaching God’s Word to children and adults.
  • Sharing God’s Word in our community and the world.
  • Training believers in God’s Word for Christian service.
  • Gathering around God’s Word for Christian edification and fellowship.
We believe that:
  • the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God and only source of spriritual life..
  • we cannot get to heaven by our own good works.
  • God has provided a way for us to get to heaven. He sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take away our sins!
  • Jesus also rose from the dead on the third day assuring us that all who believe in him as their Savior will rise from the dead and go to heaven.
  • our lives have meaning because of God’s love for us.
  • the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion are God’s gifts to his believers. He uses them to bring us to and keep us in the faith.
  • the purpose of our church is to teach the saving truths of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
  Our Opportunities to Grow Together in Christ
  • Weekly worship services
  • Weekly Bible classes on Sunday morning and Tuesdays
  • Adult Bible Information Classes (These start in September and January.)
  • Lutheran Elementary School (Our church operates a school for children Kindergarten through Eighth grade.)
  • Youth Confirmation Classes (These are offered to Public School students and Lutheran Elementary School students.)
  • Vacation Bible School (Every summer we teach Bible lessons, sing songs, make crafts, and teach our children about Jesus, their Savior.)
For  more information of  what we believe, visit our synod's website https://wels.net/about-wels/what-we-believe/